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On this page you will find all the information relating to the rental of apartments in our offer.

How rent a flat (apartment):

Most of the apartments in our offer are private apartments of our European clients and therefore it is not possible to rent an apartment to in Egypt, but it must be rented before your journey directly with us. Rent shall be paid by bank transfer to our bank accounts in the Czech Republic or on-line by Master card, Visa, Paypal (with extra fee 3,5%), from which payments are also sent to owners of apartments, payment is always mandatory and non-refundable.


Because the rents prices are very low and in most cases far below the current price of the booking fee, therefore it is not possible to have only apartments booked and blocking apartment for the other clients. It is therefore only possible to pay rent directly to a specific term.


We are Travel agency and we sales Flight Tickets from any European places to Hurghada, Marsa alam, Sharm El Sheikh. For a clients who purchase the ticket from us, is very easy process and no complication with reservation ticket and apartment!

To order a rent from you will only require the following information:
************************************************** *******
Name and Surname:
Passport number:
Number of people:

Date and time of arrival in Hurghada
Flight number:
Number of persons for airport transfer:
Number of luggage for airport transfer:
Date and time of departure:
************************************************** *******
These data will include a voucher that you will receive after paying accommodation and other services.


With the growing interest in renting apartments recommend your apartment to pay in advance and do not pay at the last minute. Payment can be made several months in advance.




With us you can rent an apartment for less than if you rent self in Egypt, because as a foreigner there you will have significantly higher prices.

The prices we offer are the prices for renting the whole apartment on the number of persons. In some cases it is possible to accommodate another person for a small surcharge. This option is referred to as the maximum number of persons such as 2+2. These numbers represent Apartment for 2 people with accommodation further 2 people on the sofa - for a fee. Of course there is compliance with the maximum possible number of persons who may use the apartment. This figure is always shown directly on the menu. Unless otherwise stated, the price includes electricity, water, final cleaning.

After rent paid to us will be issued a voucher with which you will be in Egypt to prove payment of rent and services associated with the lease. On the site after you will never require any further payment. Payments as "baksheesh" in Egypt from tourists decency and is completely at your discretion to whom and in what amount baksheesh provide.



All apartments have a full kitchen and is therefore self-catering / cooking is possible (unless stated otherwise). All apartments are close to shops where you can buy all the food. If you do not have the inclination to cook, you can use a number of restaurants and fast food outlets nearby. In our offer there are also apartments in hotel resorts and hotels as Oasis Resort Pyramisa Sunset Pearl, Pyramisa Luxor, etc. In these resorts can book a half board or All Inclusive.


Transfer from the airport:

Due to the fact that in Egypt not named streets, it is virtually impossible to independently find a house in which you rented apartment is located. We offer houses marked in the google map, but these are only indicative and inaccurate indication as it is not really possible in a small map to find house and accurately mark. The deviation may be several blocks and therefore you does not rely the apartment you will find yourself.

The transfer not must be only from airport, but it can be used from anywhere across Hurghada (eg from the bus station from another hotel and so on.). Of course there is the option to order the transfer for the return journey (price x2). For the above reason, it is more than appropriate for us to purchase a minimum transfer from the airport to the apartment.

Please note: that if you do not use our transfer from airport and if you will not be wait in front of house in your ordered time(tolerance is max 30 minutes) because of a flight delay or you will not be able to find a house, you must pay extra fee 20 EUR for new meeting and do you must call to the manager and waiting for newly agreed time.

With our transfer: After your arrival from the airport you already waits English speaking taxi driver (with a board with your name), which will take you directly to the apartment. Given that this is about our hired taxi, no need to explain to drivers where you have final destination. They have instructions from us and our apartments already know well.

If you will make your flight delay, no need to inform anyone, because the driver will see delay flight in the internet and arrive at the estimated time of arrival, which gives the airline.

In case you unused paid airport transfer service you will not receive any financial compensation.


Acceptance and handover of the apartment:

Upon arrival to the house is already waiting for you English speaking manager with time which agree in the voucher. You must with him check apartment and receive keys. Manager again go to the apartment in last day (again in time how you have in the voucher) and he check apartment and receive keys.

If you have paid our taxi back to the airport, driver will already be waiting for you in front of the house

(arrival time taxi and delivery apartment you can change least sixt hours in advance, preferably the day before - when you verify the departure time).


Frequently asked questions and answers:


- It is possible to stay with the Egyptian boyfriend?
Yes, we offer private apartments it is possible. Note, however, that in Egypt the cohabitation of unmarried couple or nelegalizovaného illegal and therefore we always recommend relation to legalize minimum contract Orfi. Such a contract can write in any legal representative and takes only a few minutes. Contract Orfi is only valid on the territory of Egypt and can be revoked at any time. Never let a contract for the provision of ORFI your partner with his well-known lawyer, but choose your own. Always insist on Arabic-English version of the document. Price ORFI is very low and ranges from just EGP 300-500.


- Is here also check-in and check-out times as usual for hotels aprox 14:00?

No. Apartment si available for you immediately upon your arrival. You do not need to wait for several hours at the reception as is common with a travel agent. If it is set, on check-in and check-out time, you will be alerted with order.   



- I'll be on the spot to pay something?
No. An exception may be granted to cover any damage caused by you.


- Who me hand the keys to the apartment?
Apartment will be forwarded from the manager who will be waiting outside the house or in an apartment.


- How is the transfer of the apartment on the way home?
Apartment you delivery again the manager who gave you the apartment and at the time that you agree in the . If you have paid your way back to the airport, at the same time you will have to wait for a taxi in front of the house (usually the same driver as on arrival)..


- What do I do if a problem occurs with the lease?
If there is any problem with renting an apartment, it is necessary to contact manager by phone and he will try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. In the voucher is always listed phone number of the manager who will solve the problem as soon as possible and call directly Administrator is the fastest way. Manager speaks Arabic and English. 


- Is the internet in the apartment?
Internet wi-fi is only in apartments Safari House and it's free. In other apartments no.. 

- In the apartment is dishes?
Yes, the apartments are fully equipped with appliances and dishes.



- In the apartment bedding and towels?
The apartments are equipped with bed linen and towels. You will have as many towels, how many people you have reported. Their exchange during the lease is not possible - it is no hotel with hotel service. The apartments are equipped with each such number of sheets and towels, what is the capacity of the apartment. It is not possible for accommodation for two people and use towels for 6 people. if you use more, you must pay this service. It is not permitted.


- It is possible to rent an apartment only two days?

Yes, but you must pay full week. Minimum rent is one week.



- Can I rent an apartment long term?

Yes. Some of the apartments in our offer you can rent long term a few months to a year or two at very low prices. When renting for six months, or a year, the monthly rent at the same rate as the prevailing price in the area in which the apartment is located. Rent is then paid monthly directly to the landlord and it is possible to place in a rented flat ordered services such as ADSL internet, cleaning services and more.



- Is it possible to buy your flight tickets?

Yes. Because we are a travel agency so is possible buy flight tickets from all states to Egypt.


- We also offer optional tours?

Yes, the offer trips can be found under each apartment. This is the standard trips from local travel agencies. Safari, Cairo, Luxor, diving, etc.


- What do I need a visa and how document?

For entrace to Egypt is only possible with a valid passport which must be valid for at least 6 months after your return back to the your country. Tourist visas can be purchased at the airport Hurghada and costs 25 USD (information from 5.1.2014). The validity of visa is 30 days. For entrace to Sharm El Sheikh and Taba do you not need visa, if you stay here only to 15 days.


- Do you provide additional services such as delegates and similar services travel agencys?

No, this services we do not provide. 



For more informations we use contact e-mail:


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